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Self-Introduction of

logo is an international online store which has clients from all around the world. Its main goal is to reduce expenses on buying brand-name or generic/prescription or non-prescription medications. Our online service is been built-up to provide fast and easy order. PharmaGlobalRx was established in 2015. All the medications are produced meeting the requirements of the following organizations:

  • World Health Organization (WHO);
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA;
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia;
  • Medicines Control Agency (MCA), UK.

This company has a wide range of erectile dysfunction drugs but we are going to assess the convenience of buying generic Viagra.

How to Buy Generic Viagra Online?

PharmaGlobalRx offers to buy generic Viagra online. When you open this domain you will see Viagra (generic) on the front page at the top of the list. The button “Buy Now” is given under the picture of generic Viagra.

buy viagra generic

When you press this button you will the detailed drug description and price box. The price is specified in $ per pack. So, generic Viagra pack containing 600 pills is $360.00. It means one pill of generic sildenafil costs $0.60.

generic viagra price

When you find the most reasonable price you are welcome to buy “Buy Now” and look at the shopping cart where all the order details are given.  The shopping cart contains product name, quantity, price, total. It looks in the following way:

shopping cart

If you need to continue shopping you need to press the button “Continue Shopping”. If not – you have to press the “Checkout” button and fill in personal data necessary to submit an order. The personal information includes Checkout Options (registered or guest customer), billing details, delivery details, payment method and confirm an order. When confirming an order every customer is asked to enter card type, name on card, card number, c

When you submit an order your credit card will be debited. If something wrong happens you should contact a customer care department over the email:

customer support

As a result, is the appropriate way to buy generic Viagra. Moreover, there are various quantities of pills available in one pack. The order may contain 20, 40, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 pills. It is up to a customer of PharmaGlobalRx to decide what combination of generic Viagra to buy.