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Home > Pharmacy Review > Review: Expensive US Service with Prescription Requirement Review: Expensive US Service with Prescription Requirement is America’s only Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPs) and online pharmacy with a license to work in all 50 states. The main office is located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. This company sells prescription, non-prescription and medications for pets. It is accreditated by BBB. considers this service certified.

How to Buy Viagra?

The best way to find Viagra is to use a search bar. We enter the drug name and see the list of available medications. The price is specified in the US Dollar.

search bar

Viagra from is RX only. Even if you want to buy generic analog of Viagra you have to get a private prescription from your doctor. Either brand-name or generic Viagra is available in dosages of 25, 50, 100 mg. Each combination is shown with the price per package.

viagra dosages

We choose brand-name Viagra 25 mg. Click on it and are required to choose the number of pills: 2, 3, 6, 10. You may also enter a custom quantity of Viagra as an additional option. Each quantity is specified with the price already. We have chosen Viagra 25 mg 10 pills. The final price per pill is astonishing – $91,70.

quantity of Viagra

If you decide you are ready to pay such a sum of money you are welcome to add this medication in the shopping cart. After pressing the button “Add to My Cart” you will see the details about your order including shipping rates and possible payment options.

add to cart

The total of our order is high that’s why we deserve free standard shipping. You may also use a promo code if you have it. Available payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, eChecks and American Express.

payment optionsIf you agree with the order details you are welcome to proceed to checkout. For completing an order you have to create a personal account. The second step will include shipping info. Then, you will be asked to enter prescription information and finally, you will review order and pay for it.


Unfortunately, we cannot say this online company is favorable for all. The prices for brand-name and generic medications including Viagra is too high. Not every person can afford to buy such expensive medications. Of course, free shipping seems attractive but it cannot cover all expenses for medications. If you have enough funds to buy such expensive drugs this service seems to be reliable and secure. All the pages are protected by, Inc [US]. Two main conditions for making an order for Viagra are prescription and price.